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Scouting 5 Star (and SEC Bound?) QB David Cornwell

Football Scouting Report: David Cornwell

Position: Quarterback

Height/Weight: 6'5 235

High School: Norman (OK) North

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David Cornwell is a pro style quarterback hailing from Norman, Oklahoma.  Cornwell is considered a high four star by most services.  Although Cornwell grew up by the University of Oklahoma, he has consistently mentioned that he wants to play in the SEC.  David has visited Alabama, Auburn, and Tennessee within in the last few weeks, and he lists all as favorites.  Curiously, he has yet to be offered by the University of Oklahoma.  

Pros: First, let's start with the obvious.

Sometimes it can't be more obvious who the division one prospect is.  David Cornwell is a big kid.  Standing at a listed 6'5 235lbs, Cornwell towers over his teammates and has more mass than most high school defensive lineman.  

Cornwell's size is exactly what you draw up for a pro style quarterback.  

Cornwell has very advanced mechanics.  He keeps the ball high and has a compact, quick release.  Cornwell is also very good at placing the football where his receivers can run with it.  On deep balls, slants, and outs Cornwell hits the receiver in stride. Button routes are thrown where his receivers can turn for more yardage.  It's a more advanced skill than you might initially realize.  A yard of ball placement makes a world of difference in college.  It can mean the difference between a touchdown up the seam, an extra five yards for the receiver, or Mark Barron taking an errant ball the other way.  

Below, the red circle is where the ball is caught and the yellow circles denote the defenders.

Perfectly in stride from 30 yards out.  Thrown to the shoulder away from the corner, taking him out of the play.  Enough velocity to beat the safety playing zone.  It's everything you want and one he'll have to make at the college and professional level.  

Cornwell also has very good footwork in the pocket.  He can move around to avoid the rush, plant his feet, and make the throw.  He has clearly had good coaching.

When he is flushed outside the pocket, Cornwell keeps his eyes downfield.  Unlike most players, he maintains his mechanics when he's on the run and delivers a great ball while on the move.  

Cons:  Like any QB, the biggest learning curve that Cornwell is going to have is making reads.  He appears to play in a one read system.  In other words, Cornwell reads whether the go-to target is open.  If not, he checks down to the second option on the play.  Basic stuff, but that's very common at the high school level.  

Cornwell is never going to be Michael Vick.  He can move around a bit, but he will never be confused as a duel threat.  Below average speed.  When he does have to run, he does know how to use his frame, as some poor kid found out at 1:37 in the video below.

Also, and this is very minor and fixable, I noticed that Cornwell doesn't always plant his feet when he throws.  Footwork is very important for a quarterback--a good chunk of ball velocity comes from your feet.  Cornwell loses velocity when he doesn't plant correctly and that will come back to bite him at the college level.

Bottom Line:  A blue collar,  blue chip quarterback who compares to Andrew Luck.  He's superior to Keller Chryst and Will Grier to me.  Whatever college lands Cornwell gets a kid who has all the tools to make it to the NFL.  Full highlights of Cornwell can be seen below.


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